Royal Ramadan Feast by Burger King

It was Monday, 7th July, when we were to visit Burger King for a Royal Ramadan Iftar Feast!

We were greeted by very nice staff of Khayaban-e-Nishat, DHA, Karachi. Later, Ms. Rabia Jahangir (ABM – Burger King) joined us along with more invitees (bloggers & food critics). Glad to meet @brandaisha & @mjmarvee once again.  & r also joined us!

So the Iftar time was getting closer and our food was being served. Here’s what we tried:

(All the burgers we tried were from the Royal Ramadan deal)

  • Fish Burger – Fish isn’t my thing. I’m sure a fish burger lover would approve it!
  • Veggie Burger – Tried a veggie burger for the first time and it had that soybean flavor but it actually didn’t taste like a veggie burger at all lol.
  • Chick N Crisp BurgerGood flavor, perfect sauce and perfect crisp.
  • Angus Steakhouse Burger – MUST TRY. THAT’S ALL I WOULD SAY. Best Beef Burger after their Whopper!
  • Grilled Chicken Burger – Loved it as well. If you don’t have red meat, this should be your pick!
  • Mushroom Swiss Burger – Sauce was on the slightly sweet side as it was onion one. But it gave a good different taste.


(Burgers were served along with lots of yummy french fries and drinks!)

Burger King Royal Ramadan Deal

Burger King Royal Ramadan Deal

(My personal favorites are Angus Steakhouse Burger & Chick n Crisp Burger! *mouth watering*)

While our mouths were stuffed with these delicious burgers, Rabia told us that there are two deals of Royal Ramadan and the best part is that both the deals have 2 Apple Pies included which you can actually swap with 2 Sundaes. NOW, ISN’T THAT COOL? [❤___❤]

(The Royal Iftar was concluded by none other than Sundaes and Apple Pies!)

(The Royal Iftar was concluded by none other than Sundaes and Apple Pies!)

I tried both and needless to say, Apple Pie was one of the best (hot, delicious, perfect sweetness). Sundaes as usual rocked. Although I couldn’t get my usual Chocolate flavor

Here are some more pictures from the events:

Posing with Aisha!

I was trying to take a selfie and this happened..

Posing w/ Aisha, Rabia & Murtaza

Posing w/ Aisha, Rabia & Murtaza



What happened here..


Alright folks, do try the Ramadan deals. They seem pretty good. If you’re not into Apple Pies, don’t forget to swap them with Sundaes! ^_^

Oh and they are also having a #KingOfSelfie competition these days. So if you want free meal vouchers, do try your luck! 😉

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Okay folks, do share your feedback in the comment section. All this food has gotten me hungry again so I’m off to some food hunt. Ciao!

Happy Eating! 🙂


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