The Ultimate Partnership – Oreo & Transformers

So many cool things are happening. I was going through recent campaigns and I came across this.

Did you guys know, Oreo is now in partnership with Paramount Pictures? Yes! They are into a partnership now for the release of Transformers – Age of Extinction (Btw, the movie hits cinemas on June 26th, 2014 in Pakistan or so I have heard.) This is the best global partnership of 2014 in brands!




Did you happen to watch the latest TVC yet? I spotted the TVC at HBO the other day (TVC has also been directed by Michael Bay. Cool, right?).

There’s some competition going on which I failed to find out on any other medium (Hello? Heard about IMC, OREO Pakistan’s marketing team??!). Anyways, If you are interested in participating, you can send 2 wrappers (or boxes) of Oreo at P.O. Box 12271 with your NIC’s copy. This competition is for Pakistani residents only. (Sorry to the non-residents. I am pretty sure you guys keep having awesome competitions too!)


Btw, I could not spot the TVC on their Facebook page. I found one on (but the video doesn’t buffer and stops in the middle?!). Let’s hope we get to see the tvc on internet too (without the glitches this time!).



I am so excited to see Bumblebee (which is Chevrolet Camaro jbtw).


Who are you excited for?

a) Autobot leader Optimus Prime (he’s good no doubt. I still vote for Bumblebee ha!)

b) Bumblebee

c) Mark Wahlberg

d) Show the goddamn movie already! (Too excited for the entire thing.)


If anybody from OREO lands here, please work on Oreo’s Pakistan’s website. It really needs some revamping.

 Alright folks, follow #GetOreoInTF4 for more information.

Edited on 27th June, 2014: 

Okay guys. I got to see Transformers 4 finally. Such damn good eye candy. But no story line whatsoever which is so usual for Transfomers, right? (Who watches transformers for stories, tell me? :p)

Good product placements. Spotted Beat pills, Victoria’s Secret Signage, Chevrolet, Rolls Royce, Armani Jeans, Oreo, Lamborghini, Nissan, Bugatti, Pagani and Mitsubishi. I personally missed a few but Beats pill and the cars were the most prominent ones!

The movie was a little prolonged, i was yawning after 100 minutes (The entire movie length is 165 minutes btw).  Also, I expected more heroic scenes from Bumblebee so I was disappointed there. Nevertheless, it was a good movie with some awesome visualization and those graphics!

Ratings: 4.5/5

If you have watched Transformers 4, let me know how did you like the movie in the comments. 🙂

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