10 Movies You Must Watch If You Are In Your 20s Or 30s.

(Note: The list is not according to the ranking. I’ve listed my favorites randomly. These movies are about life in general. Some of them are warm fuzzy like a nice hot cup of coffee on a cold winter night. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.)

1)      Liberal Arts

Its about life, college and nostalgia. Some lovey dovey moments here and there. Reconnecting with things and seeing the current state differently. it’s about exploring yourself.



2)      Love Actually

This movie is about love. It’s not just based on one story but many short stories which might or might not be connecting together. It’s about how these people find love and cherish it. It’s about Christmas and good times. (Also, I love December/Christmas movies. It’s all very sweet and lovely which is another reason why i loved this movie!)




3)      Little Miss Sunshine

This movie is about a little sweet girl who wishes to participate in a beauty contest. The family travels to another city. The journey is fun and you learn a thing or two. It’s about having fun in your life. It’s about embracing what you are. It’s about trying and failing and yet standing up. And it’s about standing out. You don’t necessarily have to conform to the societal norms. Not today, not ever!



4)      Midnight in Paris

As it seems by the title, the movie has been shot in Paris. It’s beautiful. It’s about the good old times, the romance, good wine and wise witty conversations. It’s about life being good and being bad. It’s about how you should live, in Paris, or anywhere else for that matter.




5)      Perks of Being a Wallflower

This movie is about a guy who found his fit in a group of people who are as crazy inside their heads as he is. He’s an introvert. It’s his take on life. Since the movie is a book adaptation, you might as well want to read it too (I have it in my to-read-list too). I think the dialogues are brilliant (thanks to the book, ofcourse). It gives you an idea of embracing change and living in the moment.

ImageImage   Image

6)      The Breakfast Club

This movie is about a bunch of kids held for detention after school. Some very good lessons to be learned about life and what problems do we face as kids, even as adults in our daily lives.


7)      A Beautiful Mind

A brilliant mathematician, his love for numbers & secret cryptography mission. This movie is a must watch to explore endless possibilities of how a brain could function (if you suck at maths like I do, you should still watch it. I promise you won’t regret!) and how beautiful the experience could be.

Image ImageImageImage


8)      The Pursuit of Happyness The story is about a father and a son. The father is an average salesman who is struggling to keep his son all happy and satisfied. It’s his battle with life in pursuit of happyness. ImageImage


9)      Dead Poets Society

The story is about an inspiring English teacher John Keating whose unusual ways of teaching change lives of some students for good. This is one brilliant piece of work. The movie encourages you to do what you love. Do not kill your wishes because of the norms. Make yourself heard. Seize the day!

Image Image

Image  Image


10)   500 Days of Summer

A twisted love story with a not-so-dramatic ending. The movie truly depicts scenes from one’s real life. You don’t necessarily get the one you love. But you must keep the good memories with you. This movie is about love, breakup, the void and moving on.

Image ImageImageImage

If you like my list, please drop a feedback. I’d add more of my favorites in next blogpost! x

[p.s. Pictures are taken from the internet.]


3 responses to “10 Movies You Must Watch If You Are In Your 20s Or 30s.

  1. Wow that’s some list. I will like to watch Liberal Arts and midnight in Paris. I love Marion Cotillard and I think the story of Liberal Arts sounds nice.
    I have seen the dead poet’s society and a beautiful mind. Awesome, awesome movies. Must watch!
    Not so sure about Love actually…:/
    But great list nevertheless! 🙂


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