AfterEight Restaurant – Review

Last night, I went out with my family. I have been thinking to try this new (not so new anymore) restaurant from quite some time now.  So we headed to Bahadurabad to have some good dinner and family time at After Eight Restaurant.


Here’s what we ordered:

1) Moroccon Style Chicken 


This was my brother’s order. I did take a bite or two. According to him, the taste could have been better. He said it didn’t hit the right note. When i tried it, I was not impressed. The sauce needs to have that ting which is missing. The chicken, however, was well cooked!

My rating: 6/10.


2) Stuffed Chicken



This was my order. I prefer my food non-spicy. I mentioned the same to my server and he took care of that pretty well.

Chicken was very well cooked. The stuffing was good too. I would really recommend these people to add more cheese and cream to the white sauce. Garnishing could have been done with green peppers instead of carrot. I’d love some bell peppers or green onion on that!

Mashed potatoes lacked the creaminess.  If only they could add more cream and cheese, it would be perfect!

This might look small from the picture. But let me tell you. I could only had one. The rest i got parceled and had the left over in my lunch. So it was good value for money too.

Overall, my dish was good.

My rating: 8/10.


3) Lasagna




Lasagna was served with a side of bread roll. This was mom’s order and I obviously tasted it too!

Out of these 3 main course, I didn’t like Lasagna at all.

Here’s what went wrong:

  • Too much tomatoes (as in the sauce), too less creamy. Lack of cheese.
  • Carrots again. WHY?
  • Bread was plain. No butter, cream etc?


My rating: 5/10.

4) Dessert: Chocolate Heaven Cake


We also ordered some dessert. Only one flavor was available in the cakes. And i am so happy  i didn’t miss it! This was the best thing in the entire menu. Needless to say, the dessert was the “star of the night”.

It was a perfect dessert. So soft and chocolaty, I could eat it all my life!


My rating: 12/10.

Total Amount:


Did i mention that you get a 10% discount if you are a CBM student? OH YES. I realized this when i ordered my food. It just hit me that this was a fellow student venture. And obviously, I got the discount too upon showing my Student ID card.

(This doesn’t mean the review is outcome of some bribery LOL. I have been pretty honest here. I’d write the same if they didn’t gave me the discount y’know!)

Would i go there again?

Yes. For the cake and Stuffed chicken (I am expecting more creamy/cheesy next time)!


Some points the chef should note down:

  • Don’t add carrots for garnishing in all the dishes.
  • Don’t go all miser when it comes to adding cream/cheese.
  • You are missing the right note!

Overall ratings:

Ambiance: 8/10

Food: 7/10

Staff: 9/10 (Well informed servers and very well mannered too!)

Value for money: Good

Facebook page:


Okay folks, if you go there and try anything else. Drop a feedback so i would know what to try/avoid the next time I am there! 🙂


Happy Eating x


6 responses to “AfterEight Restaurant – Review

    • Hey, thanks for writing Aisha. Sure, let me read your review! About the dishes you mention, they seem spicy. I am a food lover, yes. But this would be shocking to hear but I am not into spicy food lol.

      I got to know because CBM students get emails regarding CBM fellows start ups. The discount was also mentioned in the same email which is for cbm students only. I am not sure if they have made this public. The email circulation is limited to cbm students & alumni only. 🙂


  1. Hi! Thanks for the review. Really helpful. About the lasagna, to be honest, they rarely ever get it right. If you go to an authentic italian place, you might get a good one.
    Nice pictures. Your order looks yummy!


    • Hey, Thanks for dropping by!

      My order was partially yummy, yeah. I would definitely try more places for a good Lasagna. If you have some good place in mind, feel free to share. 🙂


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