Non-Stop – Movie Review

Non-Stop is an action-thrill movie. With Liam Neeson playing the lead, the movie starts very abruptly. There was no backstory as such. Almost the entire movie has been shot on an airplane which has taken off to London from NYC. Liam is playing role of a US Federal Air-Marshall.

While on board, Bill (Liam) starts receiving texts from an anonymous terrorist. I personally like Liam for his brilliant acting skills but otherwise, the storyline seemed too unoriginal and used. It is the same old airplane scenario with some terrorist threatening to either explode the flight or hijack it for money.

Following are some shots from the movie:

In the first half, I witnessed good action. I would not deny that. But from there it went downhill. Pretty slow for my taste!


Lupita Nyong’o is also seen as a flight attendant. Although her role on the screen was very small, considering that she won Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (in 2014 for the movie 12 years a slave).

By the end of the movie, i skipped some parts because it was too slow for my taste (or maybe i knew what’s coming next!). Airplane set ups are old now. It’s GETTING boring. Initially, It was nice and fun to watch. But now, It’s all so predictable and repetitive!

Anyways, If you must see it then I would suggest you should get done with your office/school work first. I wouldn’t want to postpone my work for this.

Overall, It was an “okay” movie.


Cast:  Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Michelle Dockery, Linus Roache.

Rating:   3/5 (For the sake of Liam’s acting. I was going for a 2 earlier!)


P.S. an additional 0.2 has been added to previous rating for not putting the blame on “Muslims” this  time. (Kudos to the director!)

2 responses to “Non-Stop – Movie Review

    • Initially, I thought she would play a great part. I expected more from her but all she was given was a thankless role. Hence the limelight stayed at Bill (Liam Neeson) only.


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