Lipton Brightness Revolution Launch w/ Ali Zafar!

So, I got invited to Lipton Brightness Revolution Launch/PR event.


What a cute lovely yellow box!

And yes, a surprise cupcake (although it was not in a pretty shape, and it didn’t taste nice 😦


His eyes were waiting for me. And i ddin’t show up LOL

The event took place on 24th May, 2014. Although I couldn’t attend the event myself, some of the friends and acquaintances did. So here are some of  the pictures from the event.




 (Isn’t he cute?)


Bloggers at the PR Launch of Lipton Brightness Revolution.

I’d be in the picture too, if only I didn’t had my Media Planning presentation. Tbh, MBA sometimes suck!

Okay, no rants here. The folks who attended the launch said it was fun. I say:  Why wouldn’t it be? You had the opportunity to meet Ali Zafar over a cup of garam lipton chaye! It was supposed to be fun! 🙂

Also, as a Marketing majors, I think involving the brand loyals is a brilliant idea. I am looking forward to the competition results. It would be great to see normal people coming together to meet their favorite celebrity and tap a leg or two!

Alright folks. The competition is on! If you are a fan of Ali Zafar (or lipton, for that matter ;)). Here’s what you need to do:

1) “SMS ‘Dance’ to 8398 and Win a chance to dance with @alizafarsays in the largest #LiptaDance.

2)Lipton has also introduced an online Lipta Dance competition!

Submit your LIPTA-DANCE videos, add your twist to it without changing the steps, and send in your entry.

You can win a trip to London and attend Ali Zafar’s concert at the O2 Arena!

Follow the link below to get started:

Good luck people! 🙂

Photo credits: Lipton Pakistan

For more details on Lipta Dance:

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